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There are so many advantages to installing custom-made glass shower screens it’s almost hard to imagine choosing anything else. It’s a smooth, virtually invisible surface that’s easy to clean; it’s a great way to show off beautiful tiling inside the shower; it’s compatible with any bathroom design scheme, and so much more. At Screens N More we absolutely love shower screens – see some examples of our work.

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Here are a few areas you'll want to consider

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Semi-Frameless or Frameless Shower Screens?

When you install a new shower screen or replace an old one, one of the first questions is whether you want a frameless or semi-frameless screen? While frameless has grown in popularity over the years, semi-frameless also has many advantages, including cost savings as well as excellent choices in style.

Essentially, the primary difference is that a semi-frameless screen has metal surrounding some of the screen’s glass edges—though the metal is usually designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, creating a look that approximates the frameless style but is easier on your budget.


Sliding Shower Screens Brisbane​

People often think of sliding shower screens in terms of over-bath shower screens, but they also work beautifully for stand-alone showers with wide openings. As an alternative to a hinged screen, the sliding screen offers a great space-saving advantage, because you never have to face the obstruction of an open door. Available in either frameless or semi-frameless, it’s an ideal solution for those with larger showers.


Brisbane Shower Screen Installation

Sure, for most homeowners, the exciting part is exploring all the options to design the shower of your dreams. But without expert shower screen installation, you may begin encountering problems from the very start, such as poor fit, leakage and worse. You’re making a significant investment in whichever type of shower screen you choose. You need a company with the experience to install any type of shower screen exactly as it should be.

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Hinged Shower Doors

Hinged shower doors remain the standard when it comes to shower screens, with the simplest design and ease of use. Advantages include minimal hardware and often greater stability.


Over Bath Shower Screens

You have no shortage of options when it comes to bath shower screens—hinged door vs. sliding or folding; height; partial vs. full and more. We have the experience to help you choose the bath shower screen with precisely the look and functionality you desire.

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Glass Shower Panels

In today’s bathroom, more space is better, and even the illusion of space is beneficial to the overall aesthetic (and resale value, too). That’s what makes glass shower panels so perfect for the bathroom. They open up the room like no other material and make the most of natural light.

Along with glass doors, we often install glass shower panels for showers that are almost completely enclosed in glass—glass rooms within a room, the ultimate in modernity to create a clean, slick look.

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Crystal Shower Screens

The name says it all: Our crystal-clear shower screens create screens or full enclosures that are virtually invisible. There’s no cleaner look and no simpler way to design a bathroom with an open feel and spa-style aesthetic.