Wardrobe Doors

Custom Sliding Wardrobe Doors Brisbane

When some people hear the words “wardrobe door,” their eyes glaze over.
A door’s a door…especially when it comes to the lowly wardrobe, right?

When some people hear the words “wardrobe door,” their eyes glaze over. A door’s a door…especially when it comes to the lowly wardrobe, right?

In that case, please allow us to introduce you to a new world of creative, functional and expressive choices when it comes to today’s wardrobe doors. With a wide array of materials and forms to choose from, we can help you navigate the choices and transform any kind of wardrobe—whether built-in or standalone—into a decorative accent that can actually transform the look and feel of a room

When it comes to wardrobe door types, functionality is key. Choosing the right wardrobe door for your setting, usage and space depends on a number of factors.

Where space is tight, for instance, sliding wardrobe doors are usually the way to go. On the other hand if you’re someone who likes to open and see the full contents of your wardrobe at once, hinged doors may be the better choice.

When it comes to styles, our clients are often amazed by the choices available today—from more traditional looks to glass or mirrored wardrobe doors. Are you going for a classic, cottage-style look? A wardrobe door in clear, tinted or frosted glass for a more modern statement? Or would your ideal wardrobe door simply blend as discreetly into the room as possible?

It’s about what works best with;

  • The style you already have—or want to have—in any particular space;
  • Practical considerations such as the size of the room; and
  • How much you want to spend to stay comfortably within your budget.

The important thing to know is that you have far more options than you think.

Many other of our customers choose glass splashbacks simply to show off a gorgeous colour—that perfect hue that sets the tone and creates precisely the look you want in any setting. And as any designer will tell you, it does a lot more than allow you to use the color you want without fear fading or grease/water damage: it lends a wonderful shine and reflects light to brighten the room. Even a plain white wall can be transformed into a contemporary, eye-catching splashback.

Please call us for a free consultation. We’d love to discuss with you your ideas and options for a new wardrobe door today. See example of our work here.

A few questions to ask yourself when choosing new or replacement wardrobe doors:

  1. Are you hiring a company with a reputation for quality installation? Particularly with sliding wardrobe doors, good installation is as important as choosing the right door itself. You want the door to feel sturdy and slide easily when you open and close it.
  2. How big is the room where your new wardrobe door will be? If it’s a tight area—within a few feet of the bed or other furniture, for instance—a sliding robe door helps save space.
  3. What is the design of the room? There’s a wide array of styles in wardrobe doors available today, so the overall style of the space will dictate whether you’re looking at more traditional styles or modern ones.
  4. What kind of use does the room get? Mirror wardrobe doors are stunning—but if you have small kids around or are especially annoyed by fingerprints, you will have to be prepared to clean them more often.
  5. Finally, how large is the wardrobe, and what is its shape? Different doors work better for narrow walk-in wardrobes versus wide, shallower ones.